The Canadian English Centre Launches a Special Program for Those Who Aren’t in a Hurry


Starting this semester, the Canadian English Centre has launched a new, much more complete Book Zero program that is separated from the Book One program. Both programs used to be given during the same semester, and some student got a little overwhelmed with the amount of ground we covered in one semester.
With this new option, those who aren’t in a hurry, or know absolutely nothing of English, may take our Book Zero program during one entire semester, and those who spent a couple of years trying to learn in franchised language courses, may join our Book One, which is meant for those who have vague notions of English.


This is Canada!

On May 24, a full auditorium attended Prof. Ray von Schmalz’s cultural lecture “This is Canada.”

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Here is a sample of what our students have written about the Canadian English Centre

We had a large number of entries and didn’t have time to type them all. However, we selected some of the top sentences for our blog! All these sentences were written in English! Even our Canadian Kids who are doing our Book Zero (Introduction to English) wrote their sentences with the help of teacher Denise. They deserved to have their sentences published… Check it out!

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2013 Easter Sweepstakes Winners!

And here are the results of our 2013 Easter Sweepstakes!

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February 2, 2013 – Certificate Award Ceremony

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Over one hundred students completed our program in 2012 and received their FIRST CERTIFICATE IN ENGLISH. It means that over one hundred new English-speakers are ready to compete for job positions where English is mandatory. Way to go students of the Canadian English Centre!

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Debit or Credit?

Now the Canadian English Centre accepts debit or credit cards, such as Visa, Mastercard and a number of smaller ones.

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Do you know what Halloween is all about?


Halloween is celebrated annually. But just how and when did this peculiar custom originate? Is it, as some claim, a kind of demon worship? Or is it just a harmless vestige of some ancient pagan ritual?

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First Checkpoint is Next Week

Our first checkpoint is approaching and the question is, are you keeping up with your schedule?

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One More Semester Has Begun!

One more semester has begun and we, the Canadian English Centre team, are ready to take each and every one of our students to their destination, that means, to reach the objective of our super-intensive programs.

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Be a Lab Monitor and Experience Total Immersion for Free!

Hi Everyone,


Here is an interesting opportunity to use the English language in a contextual, everyday environment, which emulates total immersion in Canada. The Canadian English Centre is offering this chance for you to become a lab monitor for one semester.


We have only one opening left! Click on more to see our flyer and get more details!

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