February 2, 2013 – Certificate Award Ceremony

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Over one hundred students completed our program in 2012 and received their FIRST CERTIFICATE IN ENGLISH. It means that over one hundred new English-speakers are ready to compete for job positions where English is mandatory. Way to go students of the Canadian English Centre!

Ray von Schmalz giving certificate to Gabriela Pedro Bom

The CERTIFICATE AWARD CEREMONY for those who graduated at the end of the second semester of 2012 took place on February 2, 2013 at the Stratford Auditorium of the Canadian English Centre. Although a short ceremony, where each graduate delivered a graduation message before receiving their certificates, this event highlighted the importance of this great achievement.


The Canadian English Centre understands that a certificate is not a piece of paper to be given to a paying clientele like most franchise language courses do, but a symbol of someone’s outstanding victory, like a medal or a trophy. As we are a REAL school, our criteria are a lot more stringent.


All our graduates have to take an international proficiency test to prove they are able to join a college course in Canada or the USA, and have to give a lecture at professional level in our auditorium, which is taken on video and made into a DVD for each participant. Many students are successfully using this tool as proof of their full expression in English to apply to positions at multinational companies.




The Canadian English Centre’s educational mission is unique and we focus on clear objectives in the language-acquisition process. Backed up by highly-qualified professional teachers and a well-trained support team, in a true English-immersion environment, the Canadian English Centre can offer exclusive, unmatched language programs for very affordable tuition fees. The result can only be one: English-speaking graduates who have paved their road to success.


Congratulations, graduates!


Canadian English Centre



  1. Nancy Del Nero - said 12 de February de 2013:

    Ola bom dia. O metodo The Canadian English no Brasil esta radicado somente em Curitiba? Pois moro em SP e gostaria de frequentar. meus primos Genoel e Cris Quadrini adoram. Grata

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