First Checkpoint is Next Week

Our first checkpoint is approaching and the question is, are you keeping up with your schedule?

Although we have our weekly task check up, based on our weekly targets, as stated in our study guide, which can be found at the beginning of our class books (first or second page, depending on the book), we aren’t normally so picky if you are a little behind on schedule. However, our checkpoints, which occur every five weeks (Week 5, Week 10, and Week 15) are not to be taken lightly. Our program is pretty flexible, allowing for the student’s personal pace and availability, but every five weeks all students must be at the same point in the program.


Internalizing information is a slow process that must be done in a gradual way. The objective of our checkpoints is to guarantee that all students work on the material gradually enough to get the best out of the program. Unfortunately, though, some students leave everything for the last possible minute and try to catch up with the program in one single day. By creating the checkpoint system, we have tried to establish four “catch-up” instants during the semester, the fourth one being just before the final exams in Week 19, to make sure that the largest chunk of information any student may need to tackle is never more than he can chew.


To add a little push and motivate the students reach their goals, the school adopted a penalty system for checkpoints. That is, the students who don’t reach the marks, get up to five negative points per activity as a penalty, and both their Reading Book tests and Practice Program tests are not corrected, being worth only 50% the total score.


Therefore, as our checkpoint is just around the corner, what do you say you have an awesome all-English weekend and complete all your activities to Week 5 according to the study guide? That sounds like a great plan, eh?


Ray von Schmalz

August 24, 2012





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