Now We Have Online Programs

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For many years, applicants have been asking us to offer our programs online. Those who experienced the unique methodology of the Canadian English Centre, which is also a centre for research into innovative and top-of-the-line methods, couldn’t find our quality anywhere else and have been urging us to make this step.


It was, and actually has been, a great challenge to bring our incomparable educational quality to online programs, but the results we experienced in 2020 were very positive. Now in 2021, our team is working hard to make further improvements and match he result we have in our physical programs.


This way, we can now offer our courses not only students all over Brazil, but also all over the world. Today we have Brazilian students, who are residing in Canada, participating in our online programs, and soon with the new monolingual edition of our method we will attend students of all nationalities all over the world.


It’s the Canadian English Centre excelling in its mission to provide the best language education to you, wherever you are.


Welcome to the Canadian English Centre!



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