One More Semester Has Begun!

One more semester has begun and we, the Canadian English Centre team, are ready to take each and every one of our students to their destination, that means, to reach the objective of our super-intensive programs.


We would also like to express our gratitude to all our students who are the reason of our efforts and who have contributed to our educational mission by promoting our school and bringing in their families and friends. This semester, once again, most of our groups are full and we even had to open an extra class on Saturday for those who were about to be turned away for lack of openings on Saturday.


It is this attitude of recognition for all we have been doing and this generous contribution to the promotion of our school that keep us working hard to offer you the best for a fair tuition fee, with the best team of full-time professionals that a school can have. We give you the best because you are the best!


Thank you for being with us!


The Canadian English Centre Team



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