This is Canada!

On May 24, a full auditorium attended Prof. Ray von Schmalz’s cultural lecture “This is Canada.”

This lecture is part of the cultural mission of the Canadian English Centre and is presented once every semester. Although essentially the same, it is constantly being updated and new topics,  that reflect Canada’s current international projection, replace less relevant ones, so that some our our students have attended it twice and reported that each time was a different experience.


“This is Canada” shows a different view of Canadian life and customs, from a perspective that highlights  the points of interest to foreigners, especially Brazilians. It is open to the general public, but the school promotes it among its students before going public. This semester we had a number of students who could not participate because all seats had been taken one week before the event.


Prof. Ray von Schmalz also gives this lecture at colleges and universities, both in Brazil and in Canada.


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