Frequently Asked Questions


1) Where is the Canadian English Centre located?

Answer: We are located at Rua Dr. Lauro Wolff Valente, 154 (154 Dr. Lauro Wolff Valente St.) in the district of Portão, in Curitiba, Brazil. We are near the Portão Catholic Church, the Portão Bus Terminal, Total Mall, and Palladium Mall. Click here to see us on the map.


2) How can I get to the Canadian English Centre?

Coming by car from downtown: drive down the Downtown-Pinheirinho freeway, turn right at the traffic light near Banco do Brasil in Portão (Rua Carlos Dietzsch), then make a left at the first traffic light (Rua Dr. Lauro Wolff Valente). The Canadian English Centre is on the right-hand side of the street. Our building is easy to find, as it has a red fence at the front and a Canadian flag in the parking area.


Coming by car down Kennedy Avenue, TOWARDS TOTAL MALL: pass by Palladium Mall, then by Total Mall, and turn right at the first traffic light after crossing the Downtown-Pinheirinho freeway. Drive straight ahead four blocks and you will reach our school. The Canadian English Centre is on the left-hand side of the street. Our building is easy to find, as it has a red fence at the front and a Canadian flag in the parking area.


Coming by bus from downtown: catch a southbound express bus at Rui Barbosa Square [Capão Raso or Pinheirinho lines] and get off at Carlos Dietzsch Station (one before the Portão bus terminal). Walk down Carlos Dietzsch Street two blocks (two traffic lights) and turn left at our street. The Canadian English Centre is on the right-hand side of the street. Our building is easy to find, as it has a red fence at the front and a Canadian flag in the parking area.


Bus lines that pass in front of the school: Portão-Fazendinha and Interbairros 2


3) Is there a special parking area for the students?

Answer: No. But it is easy to park near the school. There are also some private parking lots near the Catholic Church of Portão, which is a mere five-minute walk from us.


4) Does the Canadian English Centre have branch-offices?

Answer: No. We can only be found at one location at the moment. Our method is exclusive and we do not have any representatives who are authorized to commercialize or use it.


5) When do new classes begin? When do they end?

Answer: Our first semester begins in early February and ends in late June. Our second semester begins in late July and ends in mid-December. We also have our Summer Intensive program in January and our Winter Intensive program in July, and we occasionally offer semi-intensive programs in the middle of the semesters, either in April or in October. Click here to see our new groups.


6) What time are the classes?

Answer: We offer programs in the afternoon and in the evening on weekdays or only on Saturday mornings. Click here to see our schedule for this semester.


7) How much does it cost to study at the Canadian English Centre?

Answer: The Canadian English Centre is part of an educational project with a cultural mission. For this reason, we are able to offer low-cost programs, as we do not have to pay any franchise group or monumental marketing and advertising campaigns. We prefer to invest in top-quality education, in our teachers, in our supporting team, and in our infrastructure. Click here to see the cost of our programs.


8) What is the duration of the course?

Answer: The regular course, which takes the student from zero to proficiency, lasts one year and ten months, and it may be shortened to one year and five months if the student takes one of our intensive programs. To learn more about the duration of our programs and their objectives, click here.


9) How many hours per week? How long is the school semester?

Answer: Six hours per week, two of which are dedicated to free practice and conversation activities. Our school semester lasts twenty weeks, or five months, making up a total of 120 hours. From Book 3 on, there are also complementary online activities.


10) How many students per class?

Answer: Our classes range from four to twelve students. However, our method cares for each student individually, with weekly oral and written assessments, and from Book 3 on, with one-on-one online programs.


11) What if I miss a class? May I make up for it?

Answer: Yes. The student may make up for a missed class by attending that class with another group. If that isn’t possible, we have all our classes recorded on DVD, which may be watched in our language lab at the student’s convenience. The Canadian English Centre also offers several options to have free make-up classes, and even a full make-up program after the end of the semester at no extra cost.


12) I already speak some English. Is there a placement test?

Answer: Yes. Our placement test is free and may be requested at the reception at any time.


13) May I participate in a try-out class session with no obligation?

Answer: Yes. All you have to do is contact the school to check out the schedule options for demo classes. The Canadian English Centre also gives free lectures presenting our exclusive method and educational approaches in the months of January and July. This lecture may also be watched on DVD in our language lab at any time.


14) Are the teachers native English speakers?

Answer: The Canadian English Centre’s team is made up mostly of native English speakers, preferably Canadian or American. We also have Brazilian teachers, who are notably the best teachers for beginners. From Book 3 on, all classes are with teachers who are native English speakers, as we have intensive contact with Canadian and North American media and culture.

Click here to get more information about our teachers.

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