School Structure

Escola de Inglês em CuritibaA School Designed to Meet Your Needs

Different from most schools, which rent residences, shop areas or even sheds to make their schools, the Canadian English Centre owns its premises, which consists of over 700 square metres of a professionally designed area, to meet the needs of our educational project, where only English is used. It was a massive investment that shows the commitment of our school to its mission as well as to serving the community.





Escola de Inglês em CuritibaOur Classrooms

Our classrooms have been designed to offer both the student and the teacher all the tools they need for a perfect class.


Modern, comfortable, air-conditioned, and able to hold up to twelve students, each classroom has a 42” LCD TV, DVD player, wireless Internet access, and all the support material the teacher needs, like maps, reference books, and other educational materials easy at hand.





Escola de Inglês em CuritibaSmall details like 1.40-metre windowsills, as recommended by school construction norms, and 3.20-metre ceilings, create in our classroom the perfect and healthiest conditions to study and learn.











Escola de Inglês em CuritibaLanguage Laboratory

Our Language Laboratory is where our students work on their books, CD’s and exercises. Offering indoor and outdoor options, our lab can accommodate about 100 students at one time, in many different sections, according to the activities they need to do. All indoor sections are air-conditioned.


One area, for example, was designed to attend those who are working on their audio exercises. There, the students find the sound equipment needed for this activity.



Escola de Inglês em CuritibaAnother area offers 10 computers connected to the Internet, with broadband access. Here, our students can do their online tasks, such as the Audio Challenges, Creative Writing Program, or the News Program. They can also watch documentaries and other videos for our more advanced programs. The entire school is also covered by two Wi-Fi access points, so that our students can use their own laptops or other Internet-access devices.






Escola de Inglês em CuritibaTo help guide the students in their activities, the Language Laboratory has also a large screen TV set showing the program of the day, which displays the activities the students are supposed to do at that moment. During their lab time, our students receive full support from our lab master, Lucas Angeloni, and a team of lab assistants under his command.







Escola de Inglês em CuritibaLibrary

Our library carries several titles of books, magazines, newspapers, and even audio books to keep our students in contact with English, even after they graduate. Although the Internet is, today, the major source of practice materials, our library has been devised to carry materials that are not easily found online.








Escola de Inglês em CuritibaThe Stratford Auditorium

The Stratford Auditorium is a small auditorium with capacity for sixty people. It is here where our students give their lectures, and the school makes special presentations, like our biannual cultural lecture, named “This is Canada”, or our method presentations. The auditorium is also used for several other activities, which include music concerts and theatre plays.







Escola de Inglês em Curitiba
















Escola de Inglês em CuritibaSnack Bar and Mini-Store

Some students come to the Canadian English Centre directly from their work or school. For this reason, we have a small snack bar that serves non-alcoholic drinks, snacks, and an assortment of chocolate bars and candy. In addition to that, we have a mini-store, which sells educational products that are hard to find, such as special imported magazines, books, or dictionaries.







Facilities for Students with Physical Disabilities

The Canadian English Centre is one of the very few schools in our community to have special infrastructure to attend students with physical disabilities. With access facilities, such as ramps, a conveniently located classroom, and a special washroom designed for wheelchair users, our physically challenged students will see that we really care for them.


Escola de Inglês em CuritibaCCTV Cameras

Our school is monitored by 16 closed-circuit cameras with microphones. The objective of this system is not only to ensure security, but also to make sure that nobody is using another language, other than English, in the entire school. The human brain requires a condition called territoriality to develop proficiency in a language. That is why the Canadian English Centre does not teach any language other than English, not even French, which is also spoken in Canada. We are a true English-language immersion centre in our community.