Our Exclusive Method

The Canadian English Centre is far more than a mere English school. We are an advanced centre for research into state-of-the-art language-education methods. To keep up with the constant updates in our material, the Canadian English Centre owns a sound and video studio and graphic workshop, where all our books, CD's, and support material are created. The result of so much investment and research is a program that reaches clear objectives at the end of each semester, taking our students on a magic ride from basic to proficiency in less than two years, or from absolute zero to proficiency in two and a half years.

First Semester (Book Zero & Book One)

Duration: 8 weeks

Book ZeroIntroduction to English - This introductory program is essential for those who never had any contact with English, or those who have experienced difficulty or developed an antagonism to the English language, due to negative experiences studying at certain commercial language courses. This program takes the student from absolute zero knowledge in English to the ability to understand a class given only in English, as well as to the beginning of the elementary level of communication in English. Applicants who feel that they already reached this level, must take our placement test, which will determine whether they may begin at Book One.






Book One - Basic 1

Duration: 12 weeks

Book OneThis is the official beginning of our acquisition program. However, to join this program the applicant must have elementary knowledge of the English language, at the level given in the regular school programs in Brazil. This program is also recommended for those who studied at commercial English courses without having ever reached communication level.


The objective of this program is to get the students to understand naturally spoken Basic English and reach the level of communication, at which they do not need to use Portuguese to make themselves understood. From the beginning of this program, the classes are given only in English and the students are asked to use more and more English during the next ten weeks. After this period, which is when we reach the middle of our semester, all students must use only English inside the school premises, even to buy a soda at our snack-bar, which also serves students only in English.


Our crew and our CCTV cameras keep an eye (and all ears) on all students to make sure everybody uses only English at all times. The Canadian English Centre is a real immersion centre in Brazil.

Second Semester (Book Two)

Duration: 20 weeks

Book TwoBasic 2 - The pre-requisite to participate in this program is the ability to communicate only in English and understand Basic English, as it is spoken by a native speaker.


In this program, the students are taught how to organize their ideas in both spoken and written form, adding about 4,000 words to their vocabulary and boosting their communication power. The objective here is to reach fluency enough to pass a regular job interview.





Third Semester (Book Three)

Duration: 20 weeks

Book ThreeIntermediate 1 - The pre-requisite for this program is fluency. Its objective is to help the students develop full expression and get them to use natural English, as it is used in Canada and the USA.


At this point, all teachers must be either Canadian or American, for cultural reasons, and the students participate in online programs that put them in contact with the Canadian media, through unique techniques developed by the Canadian English Centre.





Fourth Semester (Book Four)

Duration: 20 weeks

Book FourIntermediate 2 - This is the last step that our students take before they receive their FIRST CERTIFICATE IN ENGLISH. Students who did not finish our Book Three program are not eligible. The objective of our Book Four program is to help the students reach the minimum level of proficiency required to enter a post-graduate program at a Canadian or American university.


The students are prepared to pass the TOEFL at the end of this level, and participate in our exclusive CWP (Creative Writing Program), where they learn the secrets to good writing, as well as special techniques to write good business letters. At the end of Book Four, all students must give a lecture in our auditorium.


This lecture is recorded on a DVD, which our students have been using as evidence to prove their proficiency in English, when they apply for positions that require full expression power.


Post-Graduation Programs

Fifth Semester (Book Five)

Duration: 20 weeks

Book FiveAdvanced 1 - This post-graduate program is offered only to those who completed our Book Four program. Students who have not graduated from the Canadian English Centre are not eligible.


The objective of this program is to help the students reach the level of academic English, at which they are prepared to enroll in a college program at a Canadian or American university. However, it is also an excellent program for those who only want to keep progressing in English. Book Five uses exclusive techniques that simulate the way Canadians and North Americans use English as a first language.



Sixth Semester (Book Six)

Duration: 20 weeks

Book SixAdvanced 2 - This program is offered only to those who completed our Book Five program. It focuses on professional English, training each student in his or her area of expertise. The program has two simultaneous parts, one which is common to all participants, and one that is in the student's field of interest.


The objective of the program is to prepare the student to speak proficiently and professionally about his or her area of expertise or field of interest.






Permanent Programs

Advanced Maintenance Programs

Duration: Continuous

AdvancedAfter graduating, some students need to continue to have contact with the English language. To help these students, the Canadian English Centre offers maintenance programs at very affordable prices.


They are fun-filled, super-conversational programs, which can be done in school or remotely. Only those who graduated from our Book 4, Book 5 or Book 6 programs are eligible to participate in these programs.






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